Keep Texas Red

Grow the Party

We need a Party that is vibrant and successful and you don’t get that without engaged people across the board – from our base, to minority constituencies, to people who voted for the first time in the 2016 and right on down the line.


I will be a transparent leader. I don’t want people to have the impression that the RPT Chair has their thumb on the process.

–Steering Committee; SREC is the Steering Committee of the RPT and I want a healthy, working, productive relationship with the SREC that moves our Party forward in a unified fashion

Party infrastructure

We have an immediate need to plan for our 2018 primaries and there are only two SREC meetings left to do it. We have to keep our ship steady and focused on executing successful Republican primaries this Spring from the planning to the execution, it must be smooth. I have run primaries before, have worked with the government entities to get it done and there is no learning curve.

Commitment to the Platform

As Chairman, the policies I support and defend are outlined in our Party Platform. I am committed to upholding our Platform. I have testified for legislation in accordance with our platform and will uphold our Platform as Chairman. Compromising our principles is not an option.

It’s Time to Win Back Our Big Counties

Folks, it’s time we win back our big counties. Harris County succumbed this year like Dallas County fell in 2006. It is time we put committed time and resources supporting the county parties on the frontlines of our big counties that significantly influence elections statewide to the last race on the ballot. My work as County Chairman has been about ceding no ground and fighting to gain. We must work to cede no ground again in our big counties and fight to gain to make our big counties strong again and vote winners for our GOP.